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    A Breath of History

    Tsinandali estate, as one of the epicenters of Georgian cultural life, has been around for more than two hundred years, preserving the status to this day. The place, once home to the princely family of the Chavchavadze, now honors the history with the famous house museum. The garden that was laid out by the European architects is the first European-type recreation zone in Georgia, presenting some of the most exotic plants. A truly unique property, the Radisson Collection hotel is set amidst the estate’s remarkable vineyards, amongst the finest in the Kakheti region, renowned for its diverse selection of wines. The absolute thrill of the site is owning your own villa and neighboring all the cultural wonders, along with a historic 18-hectare park. Each of the three exquisite villas are designed with elements of contemporary architecture, while paying homage to traditional Georgian and European themes. On top of that, you get pristine views of the Caucasus mountain range and a tranquil setting whilst unwinding in the private pool.
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    A Charming Setting

    A show-stopping setting of an ancient vineyard, lush green valleys, and breathtaking vistas at every turn – Tsinandali Estate is surely a wine lover’s paradise. Natural and cultural wonders abound the territory and are worth a visit when staying there. Within eyesight of the villas, owners will have access to the Radisson Collection Hotel’s equipped gym and spa, an outdoor swimming pool, restaurants, and other areas. Additionally, there will be an outdoor transformable swimming pool accessible during all seasons, a kid’s entertainment zone, a tennis court, and trails for walking and biking.
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    Choose Your Century

    • 19th Century
    • 20th Century
    • 21st Century

    21 st Century Villa

    Live the contemporary lifestyle in harmony with new techniques.

    20th Century Villa

    Capture the senses of diversity with postmodernism approach to design.

    19th Century Villa

    Experience the synthesis of old-world charm and the future.


    Bespoke Services

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    The project offers infrastructure and services to the standards of the 5-star "Radisson Collection Tsinandali Estate" hotel. Believing that with the synthesis of elegant design and fundamental daily needs, we bring to youthe must have comfort services from which you can benefit at all times.
    01 Event Planning
    Private arrangement of your event with all details taken into consideration.
    02 Spa & Gym
    Special owner's 10% discount on the neighbouring Radisson Collection's services.
    03 Best Rates
    For the hotel rooms in Radisson Collection Tsinandali, Radisson Blu Batumi, and Radisson Blu Tbilisi.
    04 Equipment Rental
    Bikes, tennis and basketball accessories.
    05 Kid's Zone Entertainment
    Open to hotel guests and villa owners.
    06 Maintanance
    Of the green species and access, including lawn mowing, pruning, weeding, green waste management, along with maintaining the pool and waste.
    07 Entertainment
    Tsinandali Festival, Jazz & Wine Festival. Priority ticketing and special discounts.
    08 Farm-to-table food scene
    Georgia is famous for its fresh and organic produce; therefore, concierges can arrange morning delivery with a basket full of local produce.
    09 Housekeeping
    Home personally verified by the staff to be in pristine condition.
    10 Helipad
    Owners can benefit from the flight service at an extra cost.
    11 Heliskiing
    Package offered at a special price.
    12 Food & Beverage
    Ordering special meals from the restaurants at the Radisson Collection Hotel.
    13 Top chefs for pop-up dinners
    Bringing a truly gastronomic experience to one’s doorstep.
    14 Property Maintenance
    In case anything goes wrong, we have 24/7 technical support available.
    15 Laundry & Dry Cleaning
    Our staff will arrange the procedure according to your desires.

    Winemaking At Your Doorsteps

    At Tsinandali Villa Estate, residents have the opportunity to live at the nature’s doorstep and produce wine in their own name. Specially for them, the management will offer a package of exclusively bottled wine from the local vineyards. The historic vineyards stretch over 5-hectares of fertile land, preserving Tsinandali’s legacy as the cradle of Georgia’s classical winemaking.